May 31, 2020
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Gracy Singh

On her new-found celebrity-status in Bollywood after Lagaan

Gracy Singh
Gracy Singh
Isn't Gracy Singh a hot property now with filmmakers?
Well, I'm reading a lot of scripts every day and I can't go out without being mobbed. So I'm stuck at home.

You are reportedly being very choosy about what you sign?
Yes I've read many scripts but nothing matches Lagaan. I must be careful.

Isn't that unwise in an industry where pretty faces come by the dozen—if you hesitate too long, won't you be left out in the cold?
I have kind of zeroed down on a couple of interesting films which I will finalise as soon as I'm back from my tour abroad.

What tour is this?
We're doing Lagaan songs for these shows in the US.

Are you looking at big banners?

What kind of roles would you like to do now?
Anything that inspires me.

What has been the fallout of Lagaan for you?
I'm recognised now and I can see that acting is to become a career.

No more TV?
Not really. I can't do both films and TV. Though I must admit I enjoyed it.

Do you miss it?
I do actually. I've been invited by the Amaanat director to do one scene as myself—Gracy Singh.

What is it about?
They show that these girls from Amaanat have seen Lagaan and they come to my house to take my autograph. That is really funny and heart-warming.

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