May 30, 2020
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G.R. Khairnar

Mumbais Demolition Man is back in the BMC and is still talking tough

G.R. Khairnar
Doesn't your reinstatement and the subsequent reception given to you at the BMC rattle you?
I don't see this as my victory—it's a removal of injustice.

Do you think municipal commissioner Girish Gokhale and the BMC hold a grouse against you?
This is not Gokhale but Thackeray speaking through him. The municipal commissioner feels that sticking to his post is more important than obliging Khairnar.

When do you plan to file a contempt of court?
I will decide only after receiving a copy of the judgement. They have already lost the battle because there is no merit in it.

Does your victory rejuvenate your hopes that not everything in this city falls under the purview of the Shiv Sena?
Thackeray is an extra-constitutional authority. He can't exercise control in a democracy. This is one situation where he has suffered defeat.

Sharad Pawar and the Sena are your sworn enemies. Who are your friends?
I have always had the public's interests at heart. Be it Pawar or Thackeray or even my own wife. If anyone goes against the public, I will not spare them. I would rather suffer.

You have even been critical of Anna Hazare.
Anna Hazare was initially my ideal, but after my close association with him, I realised that he is not honest. I am convinced that he is the agent of certain politicians.

Rescuing sex workers, demolishing buildings, who is the real Khairnar?
A duty-conscious man who owes everything in life to society.

A lot of people feel that you shoot off your mouth. Comment.
We are made to believe falsehoods. Evidence shows that people were swayed into fight-ing me instead of politicians, whom we know to be corrupt.

In playing saviour to sex workers, a few turned violent towards you. Why are you always in the line of fire?
I am only interested in saving these girls who have been forced into this profession. Their plight is shameful. Those who want to help brothel-owners are free to do so.

Eventually, do you plan to try your hand at politics?
My ultimate aim is to purify politics and through it, society. I don't wish to enter politics.

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