August 02, 2020
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Goa Restaurant: Thalassa

Serves the best Greek meal east of Mykonos.

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Goa Restaurant: Thalassa
Goa Restaurant: Thalassa

Overlooking Little Vagator Beach, Goa.
Tel: 985003353/ 9850033537
Meal for 2: Rs 2,000

As the foodie aphorism goes, ‘Oregano and tomatoes make it Italian. Tarragon and wine make it French. Lemon, thyme and tzatziki make it Greek.” To learn how superficial that actually is, bring your tastebuds to Thalassa for dinner.

Thalassa, named after the Greek goddess of the sea, is set on a hilltop, with a drama­tic view of the sea below. The expansive menu card presented us with an immediate problem: how to proceed? We finally decided to start with a horiatki salad, dolmadakia and stuffed sardines, and follow with a nice, traditional moussaka and kleftiko. That achieved, we sat back with a pitcher of home-made sangria to watch a sunset worthy of Lawrence Durrell.

Our starters arrived, the horiata splashed with kalamata olive oil, the dolmadakia redolent of mint and dill. But the real pleasure was yet to come. The moussaka, with its delicate flavours and luxurious mouthfeel, played a bouzuki on our senses, complemented by the fragrant kleftiko, rich with feta. We ended with a decadently rich baklava and aromatic Greek coffee. It must have been the best Greek meal east of Mykonos. Thalassa has been hosting a pop-up version in Mumbai as well but, as always, you can’t beat the charm of the real thing.

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