January 19, 2020
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“Glass, Glass, And More Glass”

The cement walls, the horrendous and the hideous.

“Glass, Glass, And More Glass”
Mayur Bhatt
“Glass, Glass, And More Glass”

The Sabarmati Riverfront: It has separated the city from the river, now a canal with cement walls. From the city, on both banks our eyes hit a cement wall, no river!

Advani’s Crematorium: Built with MPLAD funds, one of them is at the Guru­dwara crossroad on the S.G. Highway with a huge, horrendous Shiva statue on the side.

Death & divinity Crematorium at Gurudwara Crossroad. (Photograph by Mayur Bhatt)

New Glass Buildings: There’s glass, glass and more glass all around the city, making most of the new architecture environmentally unsustainable and also hideous. Glass-fronted buildings are known to increase already soaring temperatures. Then why build more and more of them?

Public Art: In both Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, public art is either floating taps wasting water or armaments, cannons and other objects of war and belligerence.

Mallika Sarabhai Danseuse, writer and Ahmedabad’s conscience-keeper is a heritage conservationist

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