Sunday, Aug 07, 2022

Gajapati Case Diary

A tale of four suicides, an ailing maharaja and property worth over Rs 500 crore in one of India’s poorest regions

Decaying Gajapati Case Diary

Cut Short

  • Gajapati is a sleepy town 237 km to the south of state capital Bhubaneswar
  • On August 21, the palace manager was found dead along with three siblings
  • They had allegedly consumed poison to commit suicide
  • Before the deaths, the local MLA had led a campaign demanding action against the manager and her brother for keeping the  ‘maharaja’ under ‘house arrest’ and trying to sell off royal properties


Tumultous and tragic devel­op­ments over the past two weeks have thrown the Gaja­pati palace in the southern Orissa town of Parlakhemundi and the ailing head of the local royal family, a former MP, to the centre of a raging scandal that has all the ingredients of a Bollywood potboiler, a suicide pact included.