April 07, 2020
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Gagging The Media

Gagging The Media
Contentious clauses in the proposed Broadcast Bill:
  • Broadcasters will be asked to suspend a programme if considered prejudicial to friendly relations with a foreign country, public order, communal harmony or security of the state
  • Severe restrictions on investigative stories. Reporters will have to get prior clearance from the brai before investigating an individual/organisation.
  • Consent of the individual/organisation has to be obtained if the news infringes on privacy
  • Equipment can be seized if the service provider has breached the content code
  • The government can inspect, enquire or supervise service providers to ensure compliance with the bill
  • Restrictions on investments for both print and television/radio will be put in place to prevent monopolies
  • No broadcaster/content provider shall have more than 20 per cent share of paid-up equity in a given company
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