August 03, 2020
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Gabriel Sang, 22

Unlike many of his age, this student of sociology isn’t a slave to his phone – except during exam season

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Gabriel Sang, 22
Gabriel Sang, 22

Which phone do you have?

Sony Xperia C3.

How many have you changed so far?

About 10 so far.

Who do you call the most?

My mom!

When has it been the most crucial to you?

Since I usually stay in a hostel for my studies, to keep in touch with my family, who get worried when I’m not available.

Do you think it controls you?

Certainly not. It is not a big deal for me to stay away from the phone.

Whose photos do you have in your phone?

Mine and that of my friends.

What is your ringtone?

Rain over me by Pitbull.

The mobile app you use the most?


How much time do you spend listening to music, watching movies, reading news?

I love listening to music when I am getting ready for the day and also when commuting to college. That’s two hours every day.

How much will you spend on a new phone?

Mostly my phones are a gift from my family so I can’t say, but I like hi-tech phones.

Do you have more than one SIM card?

Yes, it is a dual SIM phone. I use one number to make calls, the other for internet.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the device and feel like cutting off?

Yes! In exam season if my family sees me active on Whatsapp or Facebook, they are quick to chide me.

Mary Kom is from your hometown, Churachand­pur. What do you think of her success?

I think she deserves every bit of the recognition she has earned. She’s worked hard for it and is very ambiti­ous. I know her personally and have even stayed at her house as a part of a tribe activity she had once organised. We belong to the same tribe. She’s very humble and soft-spoken.


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