August 11, 2020
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For Bleeding-Heart Greens

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For Bleeding-Heart Greens

A booklet entitled 'The Compassionate Consumers: Animal-Based Products And What To Do About Them', issued by the Animal Welfare Board of India, under the ministry of social justice and empowerment (headed by Maneka Gandhi till the last cabinet reshuffle), lists products which owe their origin to the animal kingdom.

The booklet appeals to consumers to desist from using animal-based products to prevent killing of animals. It warns: "There are many products in the market that are ostensibly vegetarian but in fact contain animal-based ingredients. It is, therefore, necessary to both recognise them yourself as well as alert others to them."

According to the booklet, most common products may have animal extracts in them:

Agarbatti        Adhesive and fixatives may be of animal origin
Biscuits         May use animal-based enzymes
Bread and buns   Often glazed with eggs, milk, melted fat 
Cakes            Could contain egg or fish powder
Chips            Fried in animal fatabroad, especially in fast food eateries
Chocolate        May use egg white, egg lecithin, shellac and gelatine
Chyawanprash     May contain powdered deer antlers 
Cola             May contain glycerol,which can be of animal origin
Condoms          May be made from sheep intestines
Cricket balls    Made of leather and sewn with pig hair
Custard powder   May contain eggs
Fertilisers      May contain ground bone,dried blood, fish and poultry waste
Foreign cheese   Most contain animal stomach acids
Glue             Made from hide cuttings
Ice-Cream        Could contain eggs and/or gelatine 
Jams and         May have gelatine 
Liquor           Clarifying agents can be obtained from gelatine, albumin etc
Margarine        May contain animal fat, fish oil, gelatine
Moisturisers     May have serum albumen, udder and umbilical extract
Paper            Handmade paper may contain animal bones, gelatine
Perfumes         Fixatives may include civet, musk, ambergris
Photographic     Uses gelatine
Safety matches   Contain animal-based adhesives
Shampoo          May have vitamin B-complex, possibly of animal origin
Shuttlecocks     Made from duck-wing feathers, gelatine, animal glue
Soaps            May have tallow from slaughterhouses
Suntan lotions   Usually have turtle oil
Toothpaste       May contain bone ash
Toffees,         Usually contain gelatine 
Vanaspati        May contain vitamins A and D of animal origin
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