May 25, 2020
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Fact File

Cricket Versus Racing

Fact File

Money generated in one day
(In one-day match (Mumbai) vs one racing day)
CRICKET : Rs 1,000 crore
RACING : Up to Rs 1 crore

Number of registered bookies
(Estimated number of bookies in case of cricket)
CRICKET :400-500

Money made in a day by bookies
(Average day for cricket and a good day for racing)
CRICKET : Up to Rs 50 lakh
RACING : Up to Rs 10 lakh

Overheads of a cricket bookie
(Per one-day match vs per racing day)
CRICKET : Almost nothing
RACING : Rs 15,000*

Levy on betting on racing: 10 per cent tax plus 16 per cent commission to the club. Earnings more than Rs 2,500 taxed at 44 per cent *Rs 12,000 as stall fee and Rs 3,000 in salaries for staff

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