February 17, 2020
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Experts Speak

Experts Speak
"Hindutva is a total perversion of the subtle, profound, enduring qualities of Hinduism."
Swami Agnivesh


"The right wing isn’t interested in society. The crisis is one of Hindu nationalism, not of Hinduism."
Ashutosh Varshney


"They get only 20 per cent votes but we built up the BJP as the natural leaders of Hindus. They are not leaders, but trespassers."
Ashis Nandy


"It’s an identity crisis but not in the usual sense. It’s to do with representing the Hindu in the political sphere."
Arvind Sharma


"The movement today is simply about power. It’s not about transforming the nature of Hindu society. That agenda is gone."
Sunil Khilnani


"To overcome the cracks forced by SCs, STs, OBCs, Hinduism’s brahmanical core has to resort to communal pogroms."
Kancha Illaiah


"I feel burdened by the calls to glory of the right, and also by the secularist suspicion of your interest in Hindu culture."
T.N. Madan
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