May 26, 2020
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Expert Advice

Prasanna to Harbhajan, Sivaramakrishnan to Kumble and Madanlal to Srinath & co.

Expert Advice
Prasanna to Harbhajan
There should be no such thing as "defensive tactics" in Harbhajan’s book against Lara. His simple three-step strategy should be attack, attack and more attack. He should not chicken out, bowling a flat trajectory just to contain him. Even if Lara mauls him, he should attack. Sometimes Harbhajan goes around the stump to left-handers. I feel he should do so only if he feels he is going to take Lara’s wicket and not just to thwart his attack. Keep Lara in uncertainty through variations. Keep a good line and length even in the face of attack. And he should keep bowling long spells till he is sent back to the dressing room.

Sivaramakrishnan to Kumble
Lara is coming out of an injury and for any batsman that’s a difficult phase. As soon as Lara’s in, Kumble should be brought into the attack. Kumble should attack with every ball even if Lara scores off him initially. There’s no point trying to contain Lara. Kumble shouldn’t use the googly too often; he should use it as a surprise element for that will be his chief weapon against Lara. There is a good chance that Kumble’s extra bounce and pace may get Lara. And preferably, Ajay Ratra should keep wickets to Kumble.

Madanlal to srinath & co.
Srinath and Co should try and move the ball very early in Lara’s innings. Srinath should get his lethal in-swinger working which, for Lara, will be the ball that moves away. Our medium pacers should look at bowling six good balls in an over, consistently. Bouncers will be a great weapon against Lara since it’ll make him think twice before going on the front foot. We’re better off with Lara on the back foot but only just as he pulls very well too. A good line outside off-stump is essential.

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