Sunday, Jul 03, 2022

Ex & Y Factor

Is India's top science man, R.A. Mashelkar, guilty of compromising national interest, and misusing status for personal gain?

Ex & Y Factor T.Narayan

The Charges...

  • As CSIR boss, he nudged India to agree to demands of pro-West lobbies
  • His comments at WIPO panel were retracted by the Indian government
  • Received Rs 1.3 crore as honorarium and hospitality during 44 foreign trips, including to the UK and Switzerland
  • These trips were ‘personal’ but declared official, and income notdisclosed under various acts
  • Conflict of interest between his dual role as administrator and scientist

The Defence...

  • He says he fought for the poor and made medicines more affordable
  • WIPO comments were based on government brief
  • The foreign trips were in his dual capacity as CSIR DG and scientist, like for honorary doctorates
  • So, all trips were official, entire income disclosed in his IT returns, and all permissions taken
  • He denies acting against India or for big corporates; says he created awareness for traditional knowledge