May 30, 2020
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Eugene Cernan

The last man to walk on the moon on his new mission as Omega’s brand envoy

Eugene Cernan
Eugene Cernan
How does being an ex-astronaut help you a brand ambassador?
I can now share an experience which only 12 men have had so far.

How do they respond to you?
It's still science fiction for many.

What was it like for you?
It was like looking back from God's front porch—but only a fragile world surrounded by solid blackness.

Did it change you in any way?
I am now more aware of my place in the world.

What did time mean to you?
It is very elusive on the moon. It was like living in a dream.

Did you miss the sense of time?
I had my watch set on Houston time. This was my window from a dream.

So was your Omega Speedmaster a very important part of you?
More than that, it became a philosophical part of my psyche.

Any other equally intense experience?
Holding my three-minute-old grand-daughter! That was truly a miracle.

How's technology changed?
You now have more technology under the dashboard of your car.

Your views on commercial space travel?
It's definitely worthwhile but I have a problem with businessmen going up there for joyrides.

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