February 22, 2020
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Eat, Pray, Live

The menu is greatly tilted in favour of non-vegetarians

Eat, Pray, Live
Eat, Pray, Live

Butterfly High
3rd Floor, Lunkad Sky Cruise, Viman Nagar, Pune – 411014
Tel: 8796909327
Meal for 2: Rs 1,400

As we drive through the dusty streets of Viman Nagar, we look around uncerta­inly. This hardly seems a likely address for the new, must-visit lounge restaurant of Pune.  But five minutes later, when we step out of an elevator onto the terrace of a spanking new building, we know we’re at the right place. Carefully mismatched furniture (bar stoo­ls, vintage benches, sofas fitted into niches, cane swings)and loads of pop art charm us immediately. The sun is a bit sharp, though, and the fans are not powerful enough for comfort. But the superb Lemon Iced Tea (Rs 110) and perfect Fresh Lime Water (Rs 80) soon restore our spirits.

The menu is short but packed with interesting options. We start the meal with incredibly tender Chicken Wings (Rs 240) in a light sauce. Next is the nicely done Sausage Fest (Rs 240), a platter of sausages stir-fried with bell peppers, in a thick, tangy sauce. The roasted, peppery Lamb Chops (Rs 430) are remarkably light and flavourful. But the dish of the day is by far the Roast Chicken (half for Rs 300) that is served with a Caesar Salad, golden corn and fabulous mashed potato and rice. Equally enjoyable is the enormous After Party (Rs 370)—buttery pav served with raita and spicy keema scrambled with egg and onions. (After all, this is a city that knows its keema pav). The Mushroom Roasted Tomato Riso­tto (Rs 250) though is a trifle disappointing. As is the fact that most items on the dessert menu are unavailable. The Sizzling Brownie with ice cream (outsourced from a neighbouring restaurant) that we eventually order is popular with the children, but a bit too sweet and flat.

Still, we certainly enjoyed our Sunday lunch and would recommend Butterfly High—with the warning that the terrace location is definitely more pleasant at night, and that the menu is greatly tilted in favour of non-vegetarians.

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Known as Buffalo wings, chicken wings were first prepared in 1964 in a joint called Anchor Bar in NYC, by a Teressa Bellissimo.  Rumour has it that it was an attempt at a quick snack for unannounced late night visitors.

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