January 24, 2020
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Distilling The Essence Towards Universality

Differences are born from the sense of I, the feeling that I am different!

Distilling The Essence Towards Universality
Illustration by Saahil
Distilling The Essence Towards Universality

We are seafarers in a world full of acts and inspirations, and dwelling in the mundane, as we are conditioned since birth—habituated, to be proponents of our egos. In that assertion we forget to find the missing link to who we really are. Then the mystics arrive, telling us that we are this or that or nothing at all, which confuses us further and we dwaddle along, trying to figure out in the tea-breaks of life the meaning of its ultimacy. Meanwhile, life occurs and in between all its events and yarn balls of endless desire we get roped into a foggy sort of identity. Some people have greater conviction at believing the identity they fashion out for themselves, others may waver somewhat and yet others remain confused and lost.

So who are we? All of us with our different thumb-prints and identities and different similarities? Our various hopes and aspirations, and fears and despairs, our different ambiguities and perceptions, each one cocooned in a momentary reality!

Can we have a moment of consensus where we all are in tandem with a wisdom explaining human existence en masse? Can we all agree single-mindedly to great insight that hits us like a bolt striking at our intelligence with its truth? Why should each individual struggle differently with the big question?

The sages say that despite our psycho-physiological similarities, we carry within us different karmic traces or blueprints, which are at different stages of development. Thus, our understanding is at a different degree of unfolding, and individuality manifests therefrom. The ego, the Me Centric!

Differences are born from the sense of I, the feeling that I am different! The ‘I’, because it lives closely with itself, has a deep resonance with its likes and dislikes. One has not yet hatched into the cosmos.

Can there be a simpler calculus of universality? It is simple yet most challenging. Deactivate individual attachment and exchange it for universal love. To apply this the individ­ual must recognise her universality as greater than her individuality.

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