February 26, 2020
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Digi Tally

The smallest, the largest, the biggest, the stats, the zeroes, the evens, the odds...

Digi Tally

65.8 crore  
is the numbers of voters in India. 

Of them 
per cent are below 25 years.

7.11 lakh  
electronic voting machines will be used for counting. One EVM can count up to 3,840 votes.

5 million  
polling agents will be on duty. One ballot box contains 500-700 votes.

General elections cost the exchequer:
In ’67,: Rs 1.7 crore
In ’99: Rs 880 crore.

Poll expenditure for each candidate:
In ’99: Rs 15 lakh. 
In ’04: Rs 25 lakh.

Graphic Detail
The Biggest Constituency:
Outer Delhi
Winners in last five Lok Sabha elections:
1989 Tarif Singh (JD) 
1991 Sajjan Kumar (Cong)  
1996 Krishan Lal Sharma (BJP) 
1998 Krishan Lal Sharma (BJP)
1999 Sahib Singh Verma (BJP)

The Smallest Constituency: Lakshadweep
Winners in last five Lok Sabha elections:
1989 P.M. Sayeed(Cong)
1991 P.M. Sayeed(Cong)
1996 P.M. Sayeed(Cong)
1998 P.M. Sayeed(Cong)
1999 P.M. Sayeed(Cong)

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