March 21, 2020
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Different Folks, Different Strokes

What Narendra Modi said at various places at the different stages of his election campaign

Different Folks, Different Strokes
  • 11 Aug, 2013
    Hyderabad I am fortunate as the Hyderabad Liberation Day you observe on September 17 is also my birthday
  • 1 Dec, 2013
    Jammu Gujjars would tell me that they were originally from Gujarat and hence they became known as Gujjars
  • 28 Dec, 2013
    Ranchi Why is a rich state like Jharkhand languishing in poverty? While (it) has such large reserves of coal, it has no electricity.
  • 8 Feb, 2014
    Guwahati Jai Ai Asom. Gopinath Bordoloi worked side by side with Sardar Patel but (wasn’t given) the Bharat Ratna till A.B. Vajpayee became prime minister
  • 8 Feb, 2014
    Imphal Even vaastushastra says the northeastern corner of the house must receive the greatest care. India will prosper when the Northeast prospers.
  • 22 Feb, 2014
    Pasighat My ancestors would have had some connection with the Modi clan in Arunachal Pradesh, who, I am told, belong to the Adi tribe
  • 22 Feb, 2014
    Silchar ...infiltrators will have to go back. The youth of Assam cannot remain unemployed while infiltrators snatch means of livelihood.
  • 28 Feb, 2014
    Calcutta Sonar Bangla, aami tomay bhalobashi…. Subhash babu didn’t get his rightful place in history because of Congress conspiracies.
  • 2 Mar, 2014
    Lucknow Here (in Uttar Pradesh) if a minister’s buffalo goes missing, the police hunt it down in hours. But if a son goes missing, nothing happens.
  • 3 Mar, 2014
    Muzaffarpur People in many parts of India and abroad wait for lichis from Muzaffarpur. But leaders in Bihar never thought of opening fruit processing units.
  • 26 Mar, 2014
    Udhampur There are three AKs...admired in Pakistan: first AK-47..., then A.K. Antony...and third AK-49 who on (the AAP) website gave away Kashmir
  • 26 Mar, 2014
    Bulandshahr The sugarcane farmer from here makes people’s lives sweeter all over but his own life is bitter. Why?
  • 27 Mar, 2014
    Gumla Congress wasn’t even aware of the Adivasis. It was Vajpayee who created a special ministry for Adivasis.
  • 28 Mar, 2014
    Balaghat The Nawab (Kamal Nath) is sitting there at Chhindwara (in Madhya Pradesh) but Seoni still does not have a radio station
  • 30 Mar, 2014
    Nanded Adarsh scam is not about one building in Mumbai. (It’s) about theft from India’s soldiers. I promise those who committed the scam will not be spared.
  • 31 Mar, 2014
    Itanagar Murder of Nido Tania in New Delhi is a national shame
  • 1 Apr, 2014
    Bareilly Bareilly mein jhumka nahin, sabka (Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party and Congress) girna tai hai
  • 2 Apr, 2014
    Jhumritalaiya There was a time when sunrays fell on Koderma’s mica and shone, making it look as though the sun had come visiting. But now?
  • 3 Apr, 2014
    Buxar This election is the third battle of Buxar…Facilities available in a city should also be available in villages. So many people from here work in Gujarat.
  • 8 Apr, 2014
    Bangalore Shahzada said his father brought in the IT revolution. At least say some truth that people can digest. It was Atalji who got the IT Act.
  • 8 Apr, 2014
    Mysore Mysore will draw tourists like Paris. We have vast deserts in Gujarat but still attract lots of tourists. Just think what I can do to Mysore.
  • 9 Apr, 2014
    Siliguri Had there been no tea, I couldn’t have sold tea. We have close association. Aap bhi chaiwale, main bhi chaiwala.
  • 10 Apr, 2014
    Arrah In Bihar, electricity going is not news; electricity coming is. Here in one place there is no fire-fighting machinery. But the govt at Patna doesn’t feel the heat.
  • 12 Apr, 2014
    Barmer The Northeast has a separate body to look after its development. We have promised something similar for the desert regions of the country.
  • 13 Apr, 2014
    Chennai We and Sri Lankan Tamils share the same blood. Their safety, their rights, ensuring they get respect they deserve is the responsibility of the Centre.
  • 16 Apr, 2014
    Coimbatore If I can make Gujarat power surplus, why not TN? Give me the next five years and I’ll ens­ure a person’s life from 18 to 28 isn’t wasted.
  • 17 Apr, 2014
    Ramanathapuram Just as fishermen in TN are attacked by the Sri Lankan navy, they are attacked in Gujarat by Pak navy. The Centre should protect them.
  • 18 Apr, 2014
    Bharthana I have close relations with Yaduvansh. Krishna resides in my Dwarka nagri. Yaduvanshis rear Gir lions there.
  • 23 Apr, 2014
    Jamnagar Jamnagar is known for its brass industry but brass part units have shut down due to the policy paralysis at the Centre
  • 24 Apr, 2014
    Varanasi First I thought the BJP sent me here. Then I thought I am going to Kashi. But after I came here, I feel Maa Ganga has called me.
  • 27 Apr, 2014
    Jhansi I am aware of farmers from Bundelkhand migrating to Gujarat for work; they’ll be allowed to return to Bundelkhand to harvest crop on paid leave
  • 27 Apr, 2014
    Serampore Mamataji I know you’re a good painter and your works used to sell at Rs 2 lakh, Rs 4 lakh, Rs 15 lakh. But why did one painting sell for Rs 1.8 cr?
  • 29 Apr, 2014
    Mandi We encourage Gujarati farmers to grow potato like Himachal. In Gujarat its size is like coconuts. We can use them for chips. We need to do branding, packaging.
  • 21 Apr, 2014
    Mathura Without Yamuna, (there can be) no talk of Kri­shna. But see what they have done to the river.
  • 1 May, 2014
    Vizag Sodara Sodarimanulara mee andariki swagatam (Brothers and sisters, I welcome you all)
  • 9 May, 2014
    Sambalpur Sambalpuri sari is very popular. What it requires is a big market. But the state government needs to understand that.
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