April 03, 2020
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The Diva, Culture Vulture,Michael Moore and Baroque

The Diva

For 20 years, no one reinvented the music and look better than her. As Madonna begins her 2004 concert tour, we look at past avatars.

2001 The Drowned World tour threw fat club grooves in the mix. And looks to match the global influences.


1993 By the time of the Girlie Show, the excesses of Sex were history. Chic but entirely danceable tunes.


1990 The Blond Ambition tour will always be remembered for that Jean Paul Gaultier top. The music gets hotter.


1987 By the Who’s that Girl world tour, the music and look still got you dancing, but often traded raunch for cool.


1985 The Virgin Tour. Her first major concert tour. Straight-ahead dance pop; luckily hardly any big hair.


Culture Vulture
The Origin Of Species Charles Darwin

Why read Groundbreaking bestselling science masterpiece (1859) by former obsessive beetle collector. Demolished theory of divine six-day creation of Earth.

Used to justify Communism, Capitalism, Socialism, Nazism

Most memorable reaction Darwin’s friend and fellow naturalist T.H. Huxley: "How extremely stupid of me not to have thought of that."

So you thought you knew all about
Michael Moore

Well-fed face of disgruntled America, he’s taken the War on Bush global. Want Moore?

A. Born in Flint, Michigan, a town whose destruction by General Motors was scathingly chronicled in his docu Roger & Me (1989)

B. His book, Stupid White Men, outsold David Beckham’s bio in the UK in 2003.

C. Oscars ’04 featured him being crushed by a ‘Lord of the Rings’ elephant while delivering 2003’s anti-Bush rant.

D. Awarded Golden Lion at Cannes for his controversial anti-Bush docu Fahrenheit 9/11.

E. Next film, Sicko, to look at US healthcare.

Answer D. Golden Lion is a Venice film festival award. In Cannes, it’s Palme d’Or.

what is

Music, as by J.S. Bach, that distils the fundamental order of the universe. The illumination of figures against deep shadow as painted by Caravaggio—a florid architectural and sculptural style. The expensive, hard to dust furniture that crowds most wannabe baroque homes.

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