August 08, 2020
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Viruses Revealed,Culture Vulture, Biorhythm and Justin Timberlake,Back To Basics

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W32/My Doom-4

The Mydoom virus, also known as Novarg, was set to deactivate on Feb 12. In the 12 days of its public existence it was responsible for the biggest ‘infestation’ in history—and we aren’t immune from its effects yet. It will still cut loose if you find it and click. Meanwhile, its creators are already spreading Doomjuice, which targets Mydoom-affected computers.

Viruses can be categorised in more ways than one. For example, they can be categorised by their primary function and propagation method as follows:

Trojan Horse Enters a system disguised as something else


Worm Propagates on its own by a variety of means including hijacking email accounts, user ids, file transfer programs etc.

Bomb Doesn't propagate by itself at all, is placed by a human or another program and activated by a trigger such as time or event. Usually does something unpleasant when it goes off.

Port Scanner Hides on a system and scans the surrounding environment for IP addresses and open ports that it then makes available to other malicious codes or individuals.

Culture Vulture
Moby Dick Herman Melville

Plot Captain Ahab and his obsessive hunt for the great white sperm whale that maimed him. A near-encyclopaedic reference on whales, whaling in 19th century.

Why Madness, obsession and allegorical contemplations on man and God.

Read If you like novels of the sea and deep, if direction-free philosophising.

Avoid If you have weak wrists. Easier to support Greenpeace.

Back To Basics

This one’s not about the millions of little ones who don’t go to school, but the countless others who, despite the odds, manage to get there. The Going to School movement is about looking beyond theoretical knowledge and making education fun for kids. Supported by the Bharti Foundation, it develops innovative, new ways of learning through puppet shows, hand-painting, drawing, mask-making etc that make school an interesting place to be. Also part of the project is a book, Lisa Heydlauff’s Going to School in India, recounting inspirational true tales of school-going kids. Little Haider from 24 Parganas, West Bengal, is wheeled to school every day by friends, while some Gujarati children study in a khadi tent in the middle of the 12,000-sq km desert. The book royalties support a giant travelling puppet show whose first destination is a Bihar district where few go to school. Going to...has also been developed into 10 mini-books , to be given free to government schools, ngo projects. On the anvil, a series of mini-films too. For more info:

So you thought you knew all about
Justin Timberlake

The popstar’s Grammy drowned out the brouhaha on his erotic er... erratic turn with MJ’s sis. Another snafu in his bio?

A. Shot to fame as youngest member of boy band N’Sync.

B. More famous for girlfriend Britney Spears. They split in ’02.

C. Jakob Dylan said, before opening Grammy cover with his name in it, "Behave".

D. Debut movie ‘Edison’ co-stars Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman and LLCool J.

E. Sung the Neptunes-produced tune ‘I’m Lovin’ It’, used in the McDonald’s campaign.

Answer D. ‘Model Behaviour’, his first and only movie so far, was released in 2000.

what is

A biological function repeated in the same order, interval. Like the sleep-wake cycle, or body temperature cycle. Also includes environmental rhythms—the effect of sunlight or moon phases on body and mind.Jet lags and shift duties too affect biorhythms.

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