Saturday, Nov 26, 2022

Dad Writ Large

Inexperienced himself and hemmed in by his father’s coterie, Akhilesh is failing UP

Dad Writ Large Sanjay Rawat

  • 23,569 Incidents of crime against women
  • 10 Rapes reported every day, 1,951 in all
  • 7,910 Kidnapping and abduction cases
  • 8,440 Complaints and cases against cops
  • 6,202 Incidents of crime against SCs
  • 5,676 Riot incidents


12 Reasons Why Akhilesh Yadav Has Failed

  • Lack of experience in politics or governance shows through
  • SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav accused of backseat driving
  • Ideas and schemes start with good intent but never implemented
  • Has around him advisors who are inexperienced as well as ill-informed
  • Stuck with a bureaucracy that is loyal to SP chief and reports to him
  • Casual, easy attitude and too soft a personality
  • Too many power centres in the state, with senior party leaders running government
    as fiefdom
  • Senior party leaders and bureaucracy treating Akhilesh as trainee chief minister
  • Works through coterie of young professionals, far removed from realpolitik
  • Little connect with ground realities
  • The state is too large, hence ungovernable
  • Lack of freedom in running state government