February 21, 2020
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Current Affairs

The controversial transcript of a phone conversation between former Enron India chief, Rebecca Mark and a Maharashtra politico being circulated in the Kolkata underground.

Current Affairs
Current Affairs
Among the Enron papers that President Bush has refused to turn over to Congress are the transcripts of a phone conversation that former Enron India chief, Rebecca Mark, had with a middle-rung politician from Maharashtra whom she had hired as her political consultant. The controversial transcript is ever since being circulated by a retired rosogolla vendor to commuters on the Kolkata underground (not to be confused with the French Resistance). Here are some extracts:

Rebecca: So you’re sayin’ double standards is okay?
Politician (identified as PS): Of course. Dabhol standards is everywhere in politics. As you know, absolute power corrupts. Sometimes no power also corrupts in India.

Rebecca: But will people pay for no power?
PS: Madam, even for no power they are willing to give their left arm. Why, they pay millions for a ticket even though they know they will be the losers.

Rebecca: What ticket? Parking ticket?
PS: No, power ticket. It is all very comical. Almost like your Cartoon Network. We chase power like Tom after Jerry!

Rebecca: I didn’t know things were so weird. Tom and Jerry...
PS: Our leaders like to be cartoons.

Rebecca: Oh, you mean it would help if I take some cartoon videos as gifts for the politicians?
PS: Of course! We believe anything phoren is great. That’s why our leaders would rather say ‘Tata’ to ‘desi’ power and pay more for ‘videshi’ power.

Rebecca: Dicey power, very dicey power—I can’t figure it out.
PS: Both very important terms. By desi we mean the cotton shirts made in India. By videshi we mean cotton shirts made here which is sold back to us by foreign labels—Benetton-Shenetton and what not.

Rebecca: And people really believe the very dicey very good?
PS: Why ask that question again and again. Power corrupts. So go ahead with your Dabhol standards. Our politicians know it only too well.

Rebecca: But what sort of commission are we talking about?
PS: Madam, you don’t have to worry about the Srikrishna Commission. It is only inquiring into the 1992-93 riots. It is not looking at anything electric.

Rebecca: By commission I meant cut. How much money will Enron have to pay?
PS: The more the marrier. If money supply not good there will be a power cut.

Rebecca: Money is no problem. So we will go ahead with the very dicey power project.
PS: Madam now you are coming to the point. Videshi always the best.

Rebecca: Long live Enron! Long live very dicey power!

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