August 02, 2020
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Chinua Achebe, Sir Salman Rushdie, Kurt Waldheim, '89 Bhagalpur riots & Int'l Day of Non-Violence

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Chinua Achebe, 76, "father of modern African literature", gets the lifetime Man Booker Int’l for 2007. The Nigerian’s classic is Things Fall Apart (’58).


Arise, Sir Salman. Midnight’s Child Rushdie said he was "thrilled, humbled". Mullahs everywhere are not. Iran’s new bounty: £80,000. Pak too cries foul.


Kurt Waldheim, 88, UN secy-general in the ’70s, the Cold War’s peak. He was later Austrian prez. The aura wilted on revelations of Nazi era ‘collaborations’.


Some closure in the ’89 Bhagalpur riots that left over 1,000 dead. In the Logai case, 116 Muslims were buried in a cauliflower field. 14 are found guilty.


The UN approves the Mahatma’s birth anniversary, October 2, as the Int’l Day of Non-Violence. Now if we could just get the Tigers of the world to endorse it.


An NAAC survey says 90% of the colleges and 68% of univs in the country are of "poor standard". A good time for HRD’s Rs 77,749 crore for higher education?


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