February 29, 2020
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Rehman Rahi, Vishwanathan Anand, I.M. Choudhary, Forbes billionaire list, incandescent light bulbs & Kerala Alcohol Consumers Welfare Forum

Rehman Rahi, 82, is the first Kashmiri to win the Jnanpith (for ’04). He has penned criticism (Saaz Kahwat), and poetry (Siyah Rooh Jaren Manz) alike.

Vishwanathan Anand is world No. 1 after winning the Linares Super Grandmaster Chess tourney. He’s only one of four men ever to breach the 2800 FIDE score.

I.M. Choudhary, the beleaguered Chief Justice of Pakistan, refuses to quit. The activist judge was nixed by Musharraf but protests rage over the action.

The annual Forbes billionaire list is out and, no surprises, with all those giant takeovers, India tops the rich stakes in Asia. We pipped Japan 36 to 24.

The EU has agreed to phase out all incandescent light bulbs by ’09, part of pathchanging green measures. Low energy fluorescent lamps will light up.

After topping the tipplers’ stakes (8.3 litres in ’06) again, the Kerala Alcohol Consumers Welfare Forum is now out to protect imbibers from "exploitation".

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