February 25, 2020
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Saul Bellow, 89, who "restored the soul to American literature", dies. The Nobel winner, part of the "Jewish trinity" (with Roth and Malamud) was a giant of the US literary scene post-WW II. Major works include Herzog and Humboldt’s Gift.

Robert Mugabe, 81, is Zimbabwe prez again in an election which took much Western flak.

Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani is the new interim Iraq president. A Shiite and Sunni Arab are V-Ps as representatives of the major ethnic groups. Saddam and cohorts got to see the announcements on TV.

Monaco’s Prince Rainier III, 81, whose 56-year reign transformed the Mediterranean principality helped along by a marriage to Grace Kelly, dies.

Terry Schiavo, 41, who lived her last 15 years off a feeding tube, dies on its removal. A court case, battles with pro-lifers had America glued.

Andrew Toti, 89, who invented the inflatable life jacket (the Mae West jacket to WW II veterans), dies.

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