February 29, 2020
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Vijay Anand, whose etc represent some of the best in the popular music-filled genre of Hindi cinema, dies at 71. The youngest of the Anand brothers, after Chetan and Dev, he also acted with distinction and advocated liberal policies as censor chief in his later years.

Kerala governor Sikander Bakht, 89, perhaps the BJP’s first and oldest Muslim mascot, is dead.

Congress veteran and ex-Maharashtra chief minister S.B. Chavan,83,is dead. He was home minister in the Rao regime during the ’92 Babri demolition.

, 83, whose ’76-82 presidential term saw a corruption-ridden oil boom that brought Mexico near collapse, is dead.

Ex-DUSU chief Rajeev Goswami, whose immolation bid provided the abiding image of the ’89 anti-Mandal stir, dies at 33 of liver-renal failure.



Holocaust icon Simon Wiesenthal, 95, who brought Nazis like Eichman to justice, is knighted.
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