May 27, 2020
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Crossing The Line

Raja Menon outlines what could be done and what stands in the way

Crossing The Line

1. Attack terrorist training camps with special forces


  • No low-flying night helo* capability 
  • No unified special operations command

2. Eliminate terrorist group leaders with commandos


  • No low-flying night helo (helicopter) capability 
  • No unified special operations command

3. Aerial strike on terrorist training camps and group headquarters


  • No AWACS to smother retaliation 
  • No ground-based laser designation

4. Attack ISI in third country like Nepal


  • Lack of political will 
  • No special operations command to do it
  • No permanent liaison with RAW


  • Form special operations command with US and British assistance, under defence vice-chief
  • Permanent links with RAW, Air Research Centre, IAF recce 
  • Commander should be a fit young colonel below 45 years of age. Tri-service force allocation for three years at a time.
  • Co-opt IAF platforms, army and marine commandos, mapping, model making communication units
  • Training assistance from British SAS

Possible targets of strike forces could be:

  • Muridke (LeT chief based in Muridke near Lahore) or further up north beyond Muzaffarabad where the PoK terrorist camps are.
  • Karachi is another possibility where Fazal-ur-ahman and Masood Azhar are. Could be targeted by marine commandos
  • Muzaffarabad: Commandos can be landed from helicopters to strike terrorist leaders)
  • SU-30K: Long-range (over 3,000 km) multi-role strike aircraft can launch airstrike on training camps from Pune
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