February 20, 2020
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Covering All The Bases

From intellectual capital to international linkages, we've the most comprehensive survey of all

Covering All The Bases

Outlook Cfore survey 2006
Covering All The Bases 
From intellectual capital to international linkages, we’ve the most comprehensive survey of all



Parameter Per Cent
Placement Performance 21
Intellectual Capital and Faculty 25
Industry Interface 17
Infrastructure & Facilities 16
International Linkages 9
Recruiters Satisfaction Survey 12

Placement Performance

Parameters Marks
% Student Placed 50
Median Salary 70
Maximum Salary 70
Minimum Salary 70
% Student Placed Abroad 50
Max. Salary Abroad 50
Total 360

Recruiter Satisfaction Score

Parameters Marks
Recruiter Satisfaction Score 200
Total 200

Intellectual Capital And Faculty

Parameters Marks
Books published in 2006 30
Papers Published in Indian Journals 50
Papers Published in International Journals 100
No. of Cases Authored 20
Faculty/Student ratio 70
Faculty with more than 10 years teaching experience/student ratio 20
Faculty with more than 10 years corporate experience/student ratio 20
PhD/Student Ratio 20
Faculty with PhD (abroad) 15
Approval by AICTE 10
Accreditation by NBA 20
Accreditation by International body 50
Total 425

Industry Interface

Parameters Marks
Revenue from Consultancy 30
Revenue from MDPs 100
No. of MDPs 30
No. of Seminars 30
No. of Workshops 30
Joint Research Projects with Industry 40
Visitors from Industry 20
Total 280

Infrastructure & Facilities

Parameters Marks
Campus Area 25
Built-up Area/No. of Students Ratio 100
Computer/No. of Students Ratio 30
Faculty Cabins/No. of Faculty Ratio 10
Auditorium Seating Capacity 10
Electronic Databases 10
Residential Facilities for Students 20
Single Occupancy Room 10
MDP Hostel 10
Residential Facility for Faculty 20
Wi-Fi Campus 15
Laptop for every student 10
Total 270

International Linkages

Parameters Marks
Student Exchange Programmes 25
Faculty Exchange Programmes 25
Number of Students who actually went abroad 30
Number of Faculty members who actually went abroad 30
Number of Students who came from Abroad 20
Number of Faculty members who came from Abroad 20
Total 150

Research organisation Cfore conducted the survey to rank top B-schools in India based on their performance in year 2005-06. The methodology and parameters for evaluation were reviewed by a committee consisting of representatives from industry and academia.

The B-schools were segmented into three categories, viz government-aided autonomous, private and university departments, and the ranks were based on objective data and the satisfaction survey score of recruiters. The survey was open to all B-schools, and a questionnaire designed for the survey was available for downloads from the website, www.indiabschools.com. Invitations were sent to 950 B-schools. In all, 208 schools responded. The validation was carried out by a special team which cross-checked the data by asking for documents like appointment letters, balance sheets and annual report. The veracity of information was also checked by the ‘mystery shopping’ method. 

The scores were obtained by evaluating B-schools against the following five broad parameters: intellectual capital, placement performance, infrastructure and facilities, industry interface and international linkages. These were divided into sub-parameters as shown in the tables. Marks were alloted against a particular sub parameter by normalising them against the topper. For example, if the marks for median salary was 70 and the highest median salary offered at any institute irrespective of the category was Rs 9 lakh per annum, then the marks allotted to an institute whose median salary was Rs 3 lakh per annum was 23.3 (3/9x70). 

The satisfaction survey of recruiters was conducted online at indiabschools.com. The 685 participating recruiters were asked to rate the graduates of the B-schools they were familiar with against six parameters, namely effectiveness in application of knowledge of subject/skills, analytical skills, communication and presentation skills, creativity, proactive attitude and ability to work in teams. The detailed methodology is available at www.indiabschools.com.

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