May 25, 2020
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Corporate Theft

Corporate Theft

Industrial Consumers
Industrial consumers have increased marginaly

High Tension consumers
A growth that’s very limited in numbers

Electricity Consumption (Industrial)
It has reduced due to power thefts.
1995---9,683 MKwh
1999---9,026 MKwh


STEEL SECTOR:There are about 300 steel-rolling mills in the state. All 34 raided in Indore found to be stealing power. Total loss caused by steel-rolling mills: Rs 150 crore per year

RICE MILLS:There are 250 rice mills in the state. Most of them located in Chattisgarh, 60% found guilty of theft.
Estimated loss: Rs 124 crore per year

TEXTILE SECTOR: All the spinning mills in the state found guilty of using captive power (DG sets) without permission.
Estimated loss: Rs 150 crore per year

SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIAL SECTOR: Including ice factories, polythene bag manufacturers and other commercial establishments. Causes a loss of Rs 100 crore per year

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