April 03, 2020
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Core Attributes That Parents Need To Pass On

Core Attributes That Parents Need To Pass On
Mood Mastery
Children go through intense emotional states (IES). Parents need to model ways to soothe ies to fit the child’s moods.

Explain The New Paradigm Of Respect
The traditional association of age with respect has changed, the child must be taught to respect behaviour, not age.

Encourage Passion In Children
Explain the value of learning, activities, philanthropy. Goad them to perfect it, and deal with disappointments.

Teach Them Basic Laws Of Relationships
Who to trust? How to trust? How to deal with strangers? How to do problem solving in relationships? How and when to walk away if nothing works out.

How To Organise Activities Of Increasing Complexity
This applies to anything that involves transition—particularly rites of passage, puberty-related situations, sexual issues and exposure to pornography.

To Accept The Way They Look
Most children go through anxiety about their looks, give them objective appraisal, make them feel good.

About First-Time Frights
Education before first-time events such as the party, the kiss, alcohol, dating.

Dr Rajat Mitra, director, Swanchetan, which works with children with emotional problems, recommends the above based on his experiences in therapy.

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