February 21, 2020
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Cloud Cover

Cloud Cover
  • Indian Airlines/ Air-India: Facing competition from domestic and foreign airlines on the lucrative international routes; it’s already losing trained staff, especially pilots, engineers 
  • Jet Airways: The first to introduce apex fares and fly international routes, fast catching up with IA; has become the preferred choice for business travellers
  • Air Sahara: Has stated that it’ll finalise strategic investor(s) by the end of this fiscal; in an era of cheap fares, it is trying to reduce costs to bolster bottomlines
  • Air Deccan: Reinterpreted the low fares scheme with its ‘ticket for Re 1’; now plans to make air travel as cheap as bus services; but needs to improve efficiencies 
  • British Airways: Will double the number of weekly flights to five Indian cities this winter, and further increase it to 45 next year; also looking at smaller destinations
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