February 22, 2020
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Celebrity Destinations

What the chatterati intend doing for the Big M

Celebrity Destinations

Raseel Gujral and Naveen Ansal, interior designers:
We are having a baby for the millennium. The date I’m told is Jan 1, 2000. So I’ll probably be in hospital on millennium eve.

Rohit Gandhi, fashion designer:
About 50 of us have booked ourselves into the Fort Aguada in Goa and we’ll have a huge beach party. A number of models from Bombay are joining us including people like actor Rahul Khanna. We are expecting more.

Nalini Singh, mediaperson:
We are thinking of going to Kurdistan. If that doesn’t work then we’ll spend it at home in Delhi with the family.

Karan Thapar, TV personality:
I’ve spent 22 years in London and my closest friends are there. I’m going to spend the day with them and I’m sure it’ll be fun for awareness about the millennium is high there.

Prabuddha Dasgupta, photographer:
I’ve built a house in Arpora, Goa and will be spending it there with my family.

Herbert Traxl and Shovana Narayan, Austrian ambassador and dancer:
We’ll be going to Vienna to spend it with my son.

Ritu Kumar, fashion designer:
About two dozen of the extended family is getting together at our farmhouse in Brijwasan. It’s going to be strictly a family get-together.

Nafisa Ali, former actress and socialite:
I’m spending it with friends and family. We are getting together with five other couples at our house in Delhi around a bonfire. I don’t want to go anywhere because then the dogs get left out.

Moon Moon Sen, actress:
We have decided to spend the millennium at home. I am looking forward to a grand reunion with my mother, in-laws and daughters.

Harsh Neotia, Gujarat Ambuja Cements:
We will be hosting a series of special events at our riverside resort Raichak near Calcutta.

Ajit Jhunjhunwala, MD, La Opala Glass:
There’s no better time than this to remain at home in Calcutta with your near and dear ones.

Simi Garewal, talk show hostess:
The most important thing is to be with family and close friends. As for our destinations, we have three-four options lined up but nothing has been finalised so far. There will be no tamasha.

Alyque Padamsee, ad man and theatre personality:
"We will probably be taking Evita to Calcutta in the first week of January. The entire family is involved in the play, which means that we will all be together. And I plan to run ‘Evita’ for the next 1,000 years."

Jehangir Sabavala, painter:
"While it is a special feeling to be going into the next millennium, I do not see it as very different from the other New Years. I will most certainly be in Bombay with my family."

Hemant TrIvedi, fashion designer:
"It will be a quiet turn of the century for me. I will be journeying Down Under to Australia to be with my parents. For me this is all about bonding. More than jet-setting to exotic locales, this is more me."

Noyanika Chatterjee, model:
"The plans are tentative. We had tickets booked for Australia over a month ago. I am going there with my girlfriends but if I get a boyfriend before that, I might just cancel my plans. Anything can happen, you know."

Anup Jalota, singer:
"We had initially planned to be in Switzerland but it is the wrong time of the year to be there. It will be really cold. We have now decided to celebrate the millennium in Lucknow with my family, cousins and aunts."

Sonia Garware, businesswoman:
"I will be very much in Bombay at home with my family. A special lunch has been planned with an elaborate menu comprising ham, turkey, pasta, lobster, plum pudding. I suspect the celebrations will go right up to dinner time."

Mahesh Dattani, playwright:
I will probably spend the millennium eve with my parents, my sister Padma and her 12-year-old kid Shruthi right here in Bangalore.

Yusuf Arakkal, painter:
I am likely to be in the US for the millennium eve because of the annual exhibition of my paintings at the "A Gallery" on 10th Avenue, New York.

Roger Binny, former cricketer:
The millennium eve will happen right here at home (in Bangalore) because I don’t like the noise outside.

Jagdish Raja and wife Arundhati Raja, theatre persons:
We’ve been to the West, but never to West Asia. So, we’re going to Dubai to be with our relatives.

Manoviraj Khosla, designer of the Kingfisher line of garments:
I might party with about 40 or 50 of my friends in a jungle resort at Bandipur (Karnataka). We are working out the details with the owner of this resort, Bush Betta, at Bandipur.

Kavya Peerbhoy, model:
I’m planning to be in the Times Square in New York on the millennium eve. I believe a huge crystal ball will drop on the square at the stroke of midnight. So I am looking forward to that event.

Jackie Besterwich, model:
I plan to be in Mauritius. I believe it’s an exotic place.

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