February 17, 2020
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Cases In Point

Cases In Point
Jessica Lall Murder
The Delhi model was shot point blank on April 29-30, 1999, while bartending at Tamarind Court.
Manu Sharma and Vikas Yadav.
VIP Index: Manu is the son of Congress leader Venod Sharma, Vikas of MP D.P. Yadav
Point Of Contention:Who shot Jessica? Three witnesses, allegedly present at the scene of the murder, have turned hostile—two say they were not even there. The third, Munshi, says it was not Sharma's shot that killed Jessica.

BMW Case
The allegation: A BMW with an inebriated Sanjiv Nanda at the wheel mows down six, two of them beat policemen, on the night of Jan 10, 1999.
Accused: Nanda, Manik Kapoor, Siddhartha Gupta.
VIP Index: Nanda is the grandson of former navy chief, Admiral S.M. Nanda
Point Of Contention: The sole survivor claims a truck, and not the bmw, did the job

Rohin Mehta: Friends In Deed
Rohin Mehta Murder
The 19-year-old was throttled, hit on the head and set afire on the night of Sep 14-15, 1990, allegedly by his friends for the Rs 50,000 he was carrying.
Sumesh Tripathi, Gaurav Singh and Manoj Nafri.
VIP Index: Sumesh is the grandson of the late Kamalapati Tripathi, Gaurav the son of an aiims director (statistics) and Manoj of an ex-bureaucrat
Reason For Acquittal: Insufficient evidence and hostile witnesses

Priyadarshini Mattoo Case
Her body was found on Jan 23, 1996, strangled with a heat convector wire in her south Delhi house. She had lodged complaints with the police against the accused on charges of harassment and stalking.
Accused: Santosh Kumar Singh.
VIP Index:
Santosh's father is the Pondicherry IGP
Reason For Acquittal: The accused was given the benefit of the doubt despite the judge's reservations on his innocence. The Mattoo family has filed an appeal in a higher court.

Baskin Robbins Case
Raghurai, attendant at a Lucknow Baskin Robbins outlet, was shot dead by an inebriated Rakesh Kumar Mishra on May 12, 1999, as he couldn't serve cassata—something the parlour does not stock .
Accused: Rakesh Kumar Mishra.
VIP Index: His father was a Lucknow DySP
Status: Trial yet to begin, Rakesh is out on bail

Puru Rajkumar Case
The small-time actor killed three pavement dwellers while speeding down a Mumbai road on Dec 7, 1993
VIP Index: Son of the late filmstar Raj Kumar
Verdict: Let off after a fine of Rs 30,000 per victim
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