February 19, 2020
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Captains' Consensus

Captains' Consensus
ON the whole, participants were reluctant to talk about what transpired in the meeting of cricket captains of Test-playing countries. On the agenda was how cricket had fared—the bouncer rule, the role of the third umpire, a format for a Test world cup, the role of match referees and cricket fatigue. The captains generally agreed that the number of Tests to be played by a country should be limited to 10. And about 25 one-dayers.

Says Zimbabwe captain Alistair Campbell: "The captains did not really find anything objectionable in the quantity of cricket. But what we want is proper spacing between tours, a good two months off between tours to recuperate." The skippers also discussed match referees. Said one: "We don't want them to be officious. They should develop a rapport with the players. Not be itching to slap a 25 per cent match fee." Though the captains were generally united, there was disagreement about some issues. Most notably the bouncer rule. While Wasim Akram and Courtney Walsh wanted the number of bouncers to be limited to one per over in one-dayers to prevent pinchhitters advancing down the pitch, Arjuna Ranatunga was not in favour.

Umpires were also discussed. It was felt that a panel of 20 should be drawn on the basis of reports by captains and managers and there shouldn't be a limit on the number that could come from one country. Quality should be the criterion.

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