April 08, 2020
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Can India Produce A Bill Gates?

Can India Produce A Bill Gates?

Managing Director, IIS Infotech

Given the several world-class Indian infotech trepreneurs, one is tempted to say we can. But then Bill Gates operates in a freewheeling entrepreneurial culture, sans red tape, with easy access to capital and the world’s largest market. Even Europe has not produced a Bill Gates.

Director, Aditi Technologies

Absolutely. The raw material the infotech industry deals with is intellectual capability. But it would need a change in circumstances and loosening up of the controls the industry is subjected to while adopting the value-addition mantra.

Former chairman, Telecom Commission

There are already many Bill Gateses on a smaller scale, who possess the vital mix of technological and entrepreneurial skills. Bangalore is emerging as a global software centre. An Indian, Vinod Dham, invented Intel’s Pentium chip and Silicon Valley is flooded with Indians. What we need is the venture capital and a conducive fiscal climate.

Student and software entrepreneur

Bill Gates was not a poor, resource-struck guy as most of us in India are. Unfortunately, computers is a field where infrastructure is an integral part of learning, unlike maths and physics. There are many talented guys out there who haven’t seen a computer yet. I was very lucky that I had access to computers at a young age. India can certainly produce a Bill Gates, but I doubt whether it will happen soon.

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