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Bull's Eye

There had been press speculation earlier on the curious political fallout of the two Kennedy murders. After John and Robert Kennedy were assassinated, ...

Bull's Eye
There had been press speculation earlier on the curious political fallout of the two Kennedy murders. After John and Robert Kennedy were assassinated, a discarded Nixon resurfaced from his political grave to become president. He reversed Kennedy's policy. He slowed down the ongoing detente with the Soviet Union. He initiated new ties with China. Michael Collins Piper in his book, Final Judgement, went far beyond speculation. He marshalled over 650 pages of information to make a circumstantial case of how Israel's Mossad collaborated with China to murder Kennedy. According to him, they did it to preempt Kennedy's plans to bomb Chinese nuclear installations in their infancy. Piper claims that Israel helped China become a nuclear power. Israel's richest businessman in the early '60s, Shaul Isenberg, was the key figure in this secret enterprise. It's known that subsequently Israel did become China's biggest arms supplier next to the Soviet Union. Official American papers declassified in January confirm part of Piper's thesis. The Kennedy administration did indeed contemplate preemptive bombing of China's nuclear installations in the early '60s. What about the rest of Piper's thesis? An Israeli investigative writer, Barry Chamish, author of Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land, has given his critique of Piper's work. He accepts the book's broad thrust but questions some details. He thinks there is a lack of hard proof. Chamish is convinced that Piper is not anti-Semitic but a serious researcher. He writes: "The weight of his (Piper's) circumstantial evidence is impressive but is far from conclusive." Chamish himself has written a book alleging that Israel's secret services were involved in the murder of Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. He thinks his book, unlike Piper's work, contains clinching evidence. Chamish has a contempt for all governments. He thinks they do not hesitate to use murder as policy. Until now, most conspiracy theorists were mercilessly ridiculed by the established order. This became easy when the lunatic fringe authored most conspiracy theories. But now we live in the information age. Telecom, computers, the Internet have shrunk the world. How long can the established order continue to ignore investigative writers like Piper and Chamish? Indian policymakers should reflect. If China and Israel did have such a close, covert alliance in the early '60s, what is their relationship today?
Governments are able
To make their rule stable
With deals under the table,
Scruples are a fable!

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