March 28, 2020
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'Buddha, Jyoti Babu Are The Real Heroes'

"We have to use India's engineering talent base for deepening our penetration into the global market," Purnendu Chatterjee told us in a telephonic chat three days after the Basell deal was inked.

'Buddha, Jyoti Babu Are The Real Heroes'
Where do you go from here?
We are looking for dominance in the global petrochemical market. The prospects are very attractive. Plastic consumption is growing quite rapidly worldwide. The demand is far outstripping the capacity growth and the growth is going to come from India, China and the Middle East. The centre of gravity is shifting.

It is a big win for India. What about Haldia Petrochemicals?
There are a lot of areas of collaboration between the two organisations. We have to utilise India as a market for advanced products and a base for penetrating Asia. We also have to use India's engineering talent base for sustaining and deepening our penetration in the global market for engineered plastics. Haldia can benefit from introducing Basell's new technology products in India. It can also use Basell's network for exporting its products.

Is there a theme to your investments in India?
Almost everything that we try to do has technology as a basis for competitive advantage.

You are a very different kind of hero in traditionally Marxist West Bengal...
This has happened because of the support of Buddhadeb babu and Jyoti babu. They are the real heroes. There are 250 million Bengali-speaking people in the world, including Bangladesh. They are different kinds of people and do different things.
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