April 07, 2020
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Brave Matchbreakers

Brave Matchbreakers
Normally, bravery awards go to those who save a drowning man and such like. Bucking the trend are a bunch of kids—Neelam (11), Sarita (18), Sunita (14), Swati (14), Sushma (16)—who will be among this year’s recipients. The citation: displaying "moral courage in resisting social evil". It happened at a wedding they were watching in Harsinghpura village, Karnal. They realised the two brides were six and 12 years old. So, they first informed the police and then got together a group of villagers to force the ageing bridegrooms away. The father of the girls, Bhopal Kumar, who was apparently marrying them off to get out of a Rs 70,000 debt, was arrested.
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