May 27, 2020
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Borderless Cultures

Borderless Cultures

324 BC - 300 BC
Chandragupta Maurya :
He defeated Seleukos (Alexander’s general) and brought Afghanistan under his rule

324 BC - 300 BC
Bindusar :
Inherited Chandragupta’s empire. Afghanistan was under him for nearly 27 years.

273 bc - 232 bc
Under his reign Buddhism spread to Afghanistan

78 AD
Kanishka :
Belonging to the Kushan dynasty, which can be traced to the Sinkiang region of China, his empire extended from Kandahar to Varanasi, with Kapisa as his summer capital. He built many Buddhist monuments.

152AD - 176 AD
Vasudeva I :
Last Hindu Kushan king who ruled Afghanistan

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