March 30, 2020
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On The Racks

On The Racks
On The Racks

The Vault of Vishnu | Westland

Ashwin Sanghi

Of fabulists who mine India’s past, Sanghi stands out in his ability to fuse it to the murky depths of contemporary statecraft. Here, a Pallava prince-conqueror travels to Hindu Cambodia; a Chinese Bud­­dhist monk makes a perilous journey to India. These 7th century peregrinations are linked with the Doklam face-off, military intel and the uncovering of an ancient secret.

She Dared: Women in Indian Sports | Rupa

A. Dubey and S. Mukerjea

A spirited run thr­o­ugh a glittering roster—from P.T. Usha, Ashwini Nachappa and K. Malleswari to Saina, Sindhu, Sania and Duttee Chand. Yet this is not a gathering of stats: each per­­son’s socio-economic moorings, her struggles and breakthroughs are recounted, often in her own words. And a chapter on Kerala’s ‘golden’ athl­­etes: remember Valsamma and Shiny Abraham?

Business on a Platter | Hachette

Anoothi Vishal

The splashy proliferation of res­­­taurants have a gla­­morous sheen. Yet mel­­t­­d­owns are commoner than a pie’s crust. This book, through case studies, tells us the secret ingredients that keep the best in smacking business. A recounting of eateries like Delhi’s Karim’s, Calcutta’s Anadi Cabin and Madras’s Woodland, with a ladle of ‘railway mutton curry’, is appetising.

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