March 28, 2020
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On The Racks

On The Racks
On The Racks

Jay Kannaiyan
Riding Towards Me | HarperCollins

After having lived in the US for 10 years, the author made a 1,000-day journey to India on his motorcycle ‘sanDRina’ via Latin America, Europe and Africa. The account of his road trip is interspersed with descriptions of varied landscapes and cuisines, unusual encounters, the ‘death’ of his bike and ruminations on travel.

Avadhoot Dongare
The Story Of Being Useless + Three Contexts Of A Writer | Ratna Books

The slim volume comprises two novellas translated from Marathi. The first investigates newsworthiness and mundanity through the life of a young sub-editor while the second delves into the experience of writing—what a writer reveals and conceals and the interstices between the two, the substrate beneath the facçade of words, and the interplay of reality and fiction.

Parashar Kulkarni
Cow And Company  | Penguin

A British company’s plan to replace the ubiquitous paan with chewing gum in colonial India goes awry after their mascot, a cow, riles religious sentiments. Kulkarni’s playful prose, plentiful historical and mythical allusions, and deft dissection of the country’s anxieties and preoccupations make for a riotous read.

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