August 10, 2020
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On The Racks

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On The Racks

Ed. by Ather Zia & Javaid Iqbal Bhat
A Desolation Called Peace | HarperCollins

The anthology parses the diverse strands of the decades-old Kashmir conflict that is often reductively seen through the lenses of proxy war, terrorism or law and order. While some essays dwell on the historical and legal aspects of the conflict, others engagingly discuss surviving torture, post-traumatic stress disorder, developing political consciousness and hunting for vegetables in a city under curfew.

Sarbpreet Singh
The Camel Merchant of Philadelphia | Tranquebar

As the subcontinent crumbled before the British, one potentate stared them in the eye: Ranjit Singh. This is a collection of anecdotal portraits of his prominent courtiers, like the mercurial Akali Phoola Singh, the deceitful Dhian Singh Dogra, Josiah Harlan, adventurer and the title’s merchant and lovely Bibi Moran, the courtesan who stole Ranjit’s heart. Rich in historical context, Sarbpreet displays an admirable scholarship.

Ed. by Jhilmil Breckenridge & Namrata Kathait
Side Effects Of Living | Women Unlimited

What it is like to be unwillingly committed to a psychiatric institution? To be declared the object of a fairy’s affection? To communicate with voices and visions? The personal essays, poems and illustrations in this collection recount experiences of living with mental afflictions, straying from ‘normalcy’ and grappling with imposed labels.

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