February 22, 2020
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On The Racks

On The Racks

Roshan Ali
Ib’s Endless Search for Satisfaction | Penguin

Ib lives with his schizophrenic father and “quietly sane” mother. His quest to figure out life and understand himself has to confront the roadblocks set by family, religion, love and death. With its playful prose and insightful characterisation, this debut novel is a poetic meditation on loneliness and mental illness.

Sanjay Kumar
Katihar To Kennedy: The Road Less Travelled | Vani Book Company

The author chronicles his journey from Bihar to Harvard’s Kennedy School and his efforts to give back to his hometown after returning. From his lacklustre performance in school to his academic excellence in college and work with SEWA, a non-profit, he explores the challenges, setbacks and achievements that shaped him.

Rajesh Patil
Maa, I’ve Become A Collector | HarperCollins

Translated from Marathi, the sub-title of this honest memoir (‘my journey from crushing rural poverty to the corridors of power’) explains it all. Like similar, near-mythical tales from pre-’47, Patil was born into chill penury, worked as a child labourer and through sheer academic brilliance and will-power fought to get an education, later entering the IAS. Overcoming lesser odds are termed ‘inspiring’. Read this to find out what truly is.

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