May 26, 2020
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It’s Raining Nothing But Prophecies

The Indian Met Department (IMD) might be worried about a delayed monsoon but Jatin Singh of Skymet, India’s biggest private met agency, says the rains will hit Kerala by the end of the month instead of a week later as IMD suggests. He says the IMD gets it wrong because of its use of objective criteria that are applied differently in different years. As for the level of rainfall awaiting this parched land, Singh agrees with the IMD: it will be in the above-normal range due to La Nina setting in. Fingers firmly crossed even though, last year, Skymet got its 100 per cent rainfall prediction wrong!

No irony deficiency

What goes around, come around. Even as Indian tyre manufacturers got anti-dumping duties imposed on Chinese tyre-makers, they are at the receiving end in the US. The US Department of Commerce has orde­red an investigation on certain tyre imports from India which the US International Trade Commission claims are being sold in the US at less than a fair value and are being subsidised by the Indian government. It seems there’s a reasonable indication that import of certain pneumatic off-road tyres from India are hurting the US industry. Ironically, China has been let off. A final call on the duty and its ­quantum will be finalised in June.

Nothing between me and my Calvins

That tagline made Calvin Klein a global brand, but its latest provocative ads may have gone too far. The company’s new ad has been criticised for a lack of ­social responsibility. The row is mainly over the “upskirt” shot of model Klara Kristin flashing her knickers. The campaign includes a shot of a model with hands inside her knickers, one of Kendall Jenner posing with a grapefruit that looks like a woman’s genitals and another of a model in her Calvins taking a belfie (selfie of her bottom).


 The Japanese love Kit Kat

It holds a special place in Japan’s culinary universe. Japan has nearly 300 varieties of Nestle’s Kit Kat. Recent flavours include Adzuki Bean, Butter, Chilli, Coconut, Roasted tea, Wasabi, Sake…

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