August 09, 2020
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#BetiUthao: 10 Questions The RSS Outfits Will Not Answer

Many RSS leaders dismissed the Outlook cover story as baseless and untrue but none of them could contradict the facts in the over 11,000-word story

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#BetiUthao: 10 Questions The RSS Outfits Will Not Answer
  • Why are children from Assam not educated in Assam? Why were they sent to Gujarat and Punjab?
  • Why keep the children away from home, parents and siblings for years?
  • Why make the children stay in sub-standard children’s homes?
  • Are these ‘homes’  registered ? Are they ever inspected? Where are the reports?
  • Do these ‘homes’ receive grants from the government?
  • Why are parents not given any access to report cards or informed about the children’s progress?
  • Why were girls in Saraswati Shishu Mandir in Gujarat described as ‘orphans’, especially since the Samiti claims to have obtained affidavits of consent from their parents?
  • Did the Supreme Court order of 2010 directing Manipur and Assam to ensure that children below 12 years are not sent out of the state applicable only in cases where Christian missionaries are involved?
  • Why are the ‘homes’ run by RSS affiliates cloaked in secrecy and kept out of bounds for journalists? What are they trying to hide?
  • Shouldn’t the RSS affiliates be accountable to state assemblies and Parliament? Why oppose independent social audits or inquiry by a Joint Parliamentary Committee?


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