July 25, 2020
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Best Of Music

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Best Of Music
  • Korn: Untouchable Defines the whole nature of aggro-metal

  • Phish: Round Room First release after ‘Farm’. A must-have.

  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers: By The Way The quintessential rock band

  • India.Arie: Voyage to India Blends R&B, soul...an India connection
  • Coldplay: Rush of Blood to the Head Mix of Verve and Floyd


  • Kishori Amonkar By the artiste. For when dusk is bright and day dim.

    Makdee’s soundtrack. For children, but the music is still refreshing.

  • Udaas Paani: by Udaas Pann. Because it’s my lyrics. The poetry has blended well with the ragas.

  • Kabir: by Abida Parveen. Great upcoming release.
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