February 21, 2020
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Best Of Books

Best Of Books

Best Foreign Books
Chosen by William Dalrymple

  • The Dapuri Drawings by Henry Nolte. On the birth of Company school art via the botanical passions of early British plant collectors.


  • Scent in the Islamic Garden by Ali Akbar Husain. Indo-Islamic gardens of the Deccan and the connossieurs of scent in Hyderabad.


  • Children of Kali by Kevin Rushby. Travel book on Veerappan and his ilk, the thugee panic of the 1900s—and US Islamophobia now.


  • Captives by Linda Colley. Britons in captivity in India, North Africa, North America, a book about the vulnerability of Empire.


  • Early India by Romila Thapar. Recovers Indian prehistory from the saffron crazies.


Best Indian Books
Chosen by Khushwant Singh

  • White Mughals by William Dalrymple. A well-done historical book written like a detective story. Gripping stuff.


  • The Imam and the Indian by Amitav Ghosh. A small essay collection, worthwhile read.


  • Ladies Coupe by Anita Nair. Didn’t get the critical acclaim it deserved. Lively characters.


  • The Cooking of Music by Sheila Dhar. Essay collection on Indian classical music and musicians. Her humour, style is inimitable.


  • Laugh All the Way to the Vote Bank by Pamela Philipose. The witty, bitchy book is a humorous take on politicians.
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