April 03, 2020
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Berry Addictive

Judging from the feeding frenzy I was witness to, the “taste that launched a thousand parking tickets” is all set to torpedo India.

Berry Addictive
Berry Addictive

32, Main Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi
Ph: 011-46590137, 46502916.
(Also in Hyderabad and Bombay)

A power-cut struck the Cocoberry store right after I got my first dollop of its famed frozen yoghurt. I turned from the counter to face the restless crowd staring menacingly at my raspberry-and-mango studded prize—bespectacled schoolkids, teens, nightie-clad mothers, daddies with indispensable fat wallets—and got a taste of what it must be like to be the sole edible human amidst a mass of hungry zombies. That’s the power of Cocoberry, aka “Crackberry” (“crack” being heroin) to its many addicts, in thrall to the “taste that launched a thousand parking tickets”. The taste, I find, as I slurp down a slow, considered spoonful of its basic offering, the “original” flavoured yoghurt, is indescribable. It’s light as a snowflake softly melting on your tongue, and fills you with the same sort of blithe childlike joy. Any topping you choose—fresh fruits, muesli, cookie or chocolate—will be an unworthy companion. As for the other, berry-heavy flavours on offer, my advice is stick to the “original”. Judging from the feeding frenzy I was witness to (and nearly prey to) this trend is all set to torpedo India, starting with Delhi’s young, who seem to have taken to it despite its shockingly low calorie count. Particularly the foreign university-returned, who sigh happily in the parlour’s guestbook: “Reminds me of NY”.

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