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Bejan Daruwalla

The eccentric astrologer on his "strike rate" and predictions

Bejan Daruwalla
What is your inspiration
I look at Lord Ganesha at least 2000 times in a day. He helps me soar in the sky like an eagle.

But didn't Nostradamus predict an end?
I don't like Nostradamus. The wprld will never end.

You also claim to have predicted the genetic breakthrouhg?
I had predicted it as early as june 20 last year. I had written in my colums that the 'attention of the world will be on genes'. See it has come true now.

But when will the final mystery be unravelled?
This final mystery will be solved only between June 27, 2013, and July 16, 2014.

And the Kashmir problem?
Between 2001 and 2002. I am not a politician, but I think autonomy is the solution.

You couldn't have predicted match-fixing. Is Cronje speaking the truth?
His head and heart lines have merged and he suffes from twisted psychology. There are in fact two cronje and both are not aware of each other. There is a difect in his brain.

And Azhar...
he is not a bad amn. There is a conjuction of saturn(cold) and sun (hot) in his personality. That is why sometimes he feels he is an Indian and sometimes he plays the communal card.

What is your strike rate?
77 per cent. Astrology has its own limitations. I don't have any ego.

What is your ispiration
I look at Lord Ganesha at least 2000 times in a day. He helps me soar in the sky like an eagle.

Your prediction for the politicians in our country.
The BJP is the party of the future. Vajpayee is the greatest leader ever born after Gandhi.

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