May 25, 2020
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Battle Stations, Magazine Fully Loaded...

From the Panic Room to the Command Centre: meet the Generals and the footsoldiers

Battle Stations, Magazine Fully Loaded...

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Panic Room

In the back row, from left: conjoined foreign twins Ajaz Ashraf and V. Sudarshan; photo coordinator S. Rakshit looms behind lens boss T. Narayan; Saba Naqvi Bhaumik belts out the secular spin with Manisha Saroop on the keyboards; on the right, Krishna Prasad and books editor Sheela Reddy; left foreground, Bishwadeep Moitra checks out Namrata Joshi’s DVD cache; at the main desk, Sunil Menon loses some more hair while the editor, Vinod Mehta, reads out the riot act to Ajith Pillai.

...Meet The Generals

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Command Centre

Our men friday on the first floor. From left to right, Ranjit Singh Rawat alias ‘Ranjo’ whose daily English language classes begin and end at the letter ‘F’; Bhopal Singh Parswan alias ‘Byupers’ who can work the spreadsheet, send missed calls, despatch posters to Bangalore and copies to Bulandshahr at the same time; K. Sashidharan, the editor’s secretary, and the only MBA on two floors with the Indian Railways website on his computer when he isn’t tracking the Sensex; Anil Bharati, publisher Maheshwer Peri’s personal assistant, whose appointment letter states that he may take his head off the computer only twice a day; Jaswant Singh ‘Jassoji’, our chaiwallah, who walks up and down four floors at least six times an hour without even asking once what it is we do all day.

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