May 26, 2020
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Batman Begins

Batman has been all about darkness, Nolan just makes it a shade darker. Go see it.

Batman Begins
Batman Begins
Starring: Christian Bale, Katie Jolmes, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman
Director: Christopher Nolan
Rating: ***

There's always been something interesting and attractive about Batman, something deep, brooding and human that has never been so easy to spot in his other superhero compatriots. Only for a Batman could Seal have composed a song like Kiss from a Rose. Now, give such a melancholic comic-book character to an intensely creative filmmaker like Christopher Nolan (Memento, Insomnia) and you get a wonderfully moody and introspective film. What one can safely declare is that Batman Begins is more for the men than the boys.

So, there's less of action, SFX, thrills and chills. And there aren't any colourful villains like the Joker, the Catwoman or the Penguin. What you get instead are some wise evil men like Ducard aka Ra's Al Ghul (Neeson) who want Batman to join the League of Shadows and the sinister and creepy psychologist Scarecrow, who is terribly scary yes, but colourful, no.

Nolan takes the audience on a journey into the mind of the Caped Crusader, how he became Batman (Bale is good, but Keaton was the best) from Bruce Wayne. And it's precisely this presentation of his inner world that enables Batman to go beyond the two-dimensional confines of his cartoon origins, to throb with a life of its own. It's about the angst and trauma behind the Batsuit than merely the fights and chases. Bruce sees his parents being killed by muggers, finds himself being cheated out of his father's firm and his girlfriend gets angry over his avenging spirit. The film shows the transformation of this spirit for revenge into a crusade for justice in Gotham City. An entry into batcave makes him confront his deep fears. We see him travel the world, live with petty thieves to understand criminals in order to fight crime better.

Nolan might find himself being criticised for making Batman boring and ponderous. Some may even complain that the hero isn't a superhero at all. But it's this serious, solemn, sombre note that lends Batman gravitas, stature and sophistication. Batman has been all about darkness, Nolan just makes it a shade darker. Go see it.

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